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White Bear Glass on Bath Crashers 2015 Season Residential Shower Glass Installation Crystal MN


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Monday, Dec. 28th, 2015 @ 10:00 PM

Crystal, MN

These homeowners have always wanted a master suite, but when their current bathroom only has room for one, Bath Crashers must steal space from a bedroom next door to give them this: a 2-part bathroom with a powder room for guests and a main space with the works. Operable frosted glass panels separate the rooms and add privacy. The shower is a 3-sided glass box with a waterfall tile pattern and rain-showerhead. A long ash countertop that doubles as a vanity and make-up area sits below a wall of mirrors, windows and a disappearing TV while the silver-leafed ceiling glows with a pop of orange and LED lights.

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White Bear Glass Appears on DIY’s Bath Crashers!

White Bear Glass on Bath Crashers 2015 Season


We’re proud to have appeared in 5 episodes of DIY’s “Bath Crashers” during their 2015 Fall Season!

The air dates were: