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Auto Glass Treatment


Auto Glass

Diamon-Fusion has many advantages over any other hydrophobic coating. DFI’s technology can be applied in the field on existing vehicles. Other treatment marketed as a coating for auto glass are only selling on the attribute of making the driver’s vision clearer in bad weather and making the windshield easier to clean. Diamon-Fusion not only offers those benefits, but also makes the glass harder to scratch or break. (see test results : an object must weigh ten times more to cause the same damage to a Diamon-Fusion treated surface than an untreated one).

In addition, Diamon-Fusion has improved durability, being less affected by the abrasion caused by the windshield wipers.

Diamon-Fusion also aids in the removal of snow and ice, a benefit that is of much greater value in certain regions.

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Shower Glass Treatment

Diamon-Fusion® Shower Glass Treatment

Glass Shower Enclosures

Diamon-Fusion Shower Glass Treatment MinnesotaGlass shower enclosures are well known for being difficult to clean and maintain. Major cleaning product manufacturers have all followed suit in bringing daily shower sprays to market.

With a single application lasting for years, Diamon-Fusion virtually eliminates the need for those daily shower sprays. With Diamon-Fusion, all that is needed to maintain the treated glass is a splash of clean water after each shower and an occasional swipe with a body scrubber (similar to the one used with soft soap for your skin).  Diamon-Fusion in Action

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