Glass Restoration:

Make substantial savings by restoring your glass to its original appearance and protecting it from future staining. Our process will make your glass products look good as new. First, we remove all stains from your glass, even stubborn ones that have been there for years. Then, we upgrade the surface to a durable, easier to clean surface which protects from future staining. We ensure future cleaning will require less time and effort!

Common stains we can remove:

  • Irrigation Hardwater
  • Pre-cast Leaching

Metal Restoration:

Refresh and look good as new! Our on-site metal renovation helps protect and maintain aluminum storefront, stainless steel and powder coated surfaces.

Common restoration projects:

  • Painted Store Front
  • Faded Alucobond® Panels
  • Leaching
  • Graffiti Proof Framing



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