Special Services

  • Building Services
    – Glass: Make substantial savings by restoring your glass to its original appearance and protecting it from future staining. Our process will make your glass products look good as new.
    – Metal: Refresh and look good as new! Our on-site metal renovation helps protect and maintain aluminum storefront, stainless steel and powder coated surfaces.
  • School Protection
    The safety of our children is on everyone’s minds these days.  Allow White Bear Glass to offer some peace of mind with a thorough, yet confidential, threat assessment as it relates to glass and glazing at your location. 
  • Security Glazing
    Have you prepared your building for forced entry? Our security glazing products help protect school and other large buildings from easy break-in by unwanted intruders.
  • Anti Microbial
    We can update your glass surfaces into a low-maintenance, anti-microbial surface. Not only does it resist the adhesion and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi but our service will save you cleaning time and effort as well!
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